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Cyclists Hit the Road for a Cause on RAGBRAI’s ‘I Ride 4’ Day

RAGBRAI riders rode for much more than recreation on July 24, and it's a day many won't forget. 'I Ride 4' is a day RAGBRAI director Matt Phippen created for people to "fill in the blank" and ride for any cause they choose. One Des Moines nonprofit, Dream Team of Des Moines, has created a special bond with Phippen, even riding in honor of him on Monday.

“We got together and we decided to design some t-shirts that say 'Dream Team rides for Matt Phippen' and 'No more M.S.' Because there are times in life, when you’re family, there’s things in the world much bigger. And you have to stop and you have to go 'Hey, I hurt for him,' or 'I hurt for her,' or 'I hurt for them.' And that’s what Dream Team is, and that’s what were doing today. We’re riding for Matt Phippen because we care for him.”

Phippen was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, and he says this is a special day because he sees all the support people have shown for him.

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