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Dream Team Launches a Podcast

Moving Forward, a new weekly podcast from the Dream Team, launched on March 27th. Each week, a member of the Dream Team will be featured to talk about:

  • How they find the courage and determination to set and then work towards a big life goal

  • What motivated them to join the team and talk about their biggest fears and anxieties

  • How they find the grit and determination to step out of their comfort zone and chase one of their biggest dreams

  • How the process can help them accomplish other big life goals

The first episode of the Moving Forward podcast features Rachel, a senior at Des Moines Roosevelt, who was “terrified” two years ago when she joined the team in part because she did not know at that time how to ride a bicycle. We also got an update on the 2024 season from our Executive Director Jeff Van Genderen and talked with Jeff about some of the new initiatives the team is implementing to better support our youth. Moving forward will be available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and other places where you find your favorite podcast. We hope you will join us!

Take a listen to the podcast on your favorite streaming platform.   

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