leadership team


Executive Director

Brian O'Leary

I love working with youth and I love cycling so this is a perfect mix of the two! I rode RAGBRAI® a number of years before I decided to check out what the Dream Team was all about. I first joined the Dream Team in 2012 and have absolutely loved it from day one. Seeing the joy, feeling of accomplishment, and pride the riders feel when they reach the Mississippi river in July keeps me coming back each year to help this team's mission. I'm proud to be a part of the team and I'm proud of the youth who step out of their comfort zone, take on this challenge, and succeed. Go Dream Team!


Youth Coordinator

Jorie O'Leary

I first joined the team in 2014 to help create a social media presence for the team during RAGBRAI®, so that family and friends of the riders could see all the fun and excitement they were experiencing throughout the week. After falling in love with the team's mission and many of the youth, I decided to join the team as a riding support member. Most recently, my role has shifted to Youth Recruitment as well, which in my opinion is the best part! We have amazing youth with touching stories, and building relationships with them is why I come back year after year. It's undeniable the impact Dream Team has on so many people, and it's an honor to be a part of that!


Mentor Coordinator

Deb Olesen

Hi, I'm Deb!


Outdoor Ride Coordinator

Tim Mulcahy

I have been a proud volunteer since 2002! I found this group to be an amazing opportunity to mentor youth in DSM while also participating in a healthy cycling activity which I already enjoyed. It’s an adventure, a sense of pride and accomplishment, and often times amazement to see these kids grow. In 2008 and 2009 I volunteered as Director of the group and in all the years in between I have been an active rider, provided ride support, helped with technology, fundraising, planned routes, etc. It’s an amazing group of youth and volunteers and I enjoy helping in any way possible!


Special Events Coordinator

Carylann Mucha

Hi, I'm Carylann!

Mike Schneider.jpg

Bike Maintenance Coordinator

Mike Schneider

I joined Dream Team in 2016 because I wanted to support a program from which so many kids of diverse backgrounds benefit. I am proud to be part of a program that challenges kids to improve decision making, increases physical fitness, and promotes support and inclusivity. Seeing youth riders mature and grow their confidence from year to year is what I find most rewarding. 


Junior Mentor Coordinator

Shamin Van Genderen

Hi, I'm Shamin!


Indoor Training & Campout Coordinator

James Hart

Hi, I'm James!


Outreach Coordinator

Jeff Van Genderen

I have been volunteering with the Dream Team since 2017. I love to cycle and ride the trails around central Iowa and have volunteered with other youth programs. My first year I checked out Dream Team by being a support mentor. I enjoyed being part of the team and seeing the smiles, now I volunteer as a riding mentor. What is unique about the Dream Team experience is: Using the power of the bicycle to help teach youth how to overcome life's challenges. To witness the growth in the youth's confidence, both as a person and a cyclist, from the first outdoor training ride all the way through the season, when the youth get to dip their bike tires in the Mississippi, is something I am really proud to be part of.  As outreach coordinator for the team, I work with individuals and organizations to help spread the message of Dream Team. Send the Dream Team a message - I know you want to learn more!

Florian, Tom_crop.png

Marketing & Digital Media Coordinator

Tom Florian

I've been volunteering with Dream Team since 2018. As an avid cyclist, it's been a joy to merge my interests of riding and serving/supporting youth in Central Iowa. The growth I've witnessed among our youth riders over the years is inspiring.

Consider me a "utility player" for the team - I've driven the support truck, ridden the routes, and cooked the meals along the way. Currently, I lead all things marketing and digital media.