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Our Supporters

Charter Sponsors

Our charter sponsors played a key role, through financial support and leadership, in making the Dream Team a reality when it was created in 1996. Since the beginning of the program, they have been consistent supporters of our mission.


Program Sponsors

Program sponsors consist of businesses, corporations, and organizations that support the Dream Team through financial contributions and/or in-kind products and services. If you and/or your business, corporation, or organization are interested in partnering with the Dream Team as a program sponsor, please click here to learn more about sponsorship opportunities.

Farm Bureau Financial Services
Rain & Hail
Iowa Bicycle Coalition
Cedar Valley Cyclists
Quad Cities Bicycle Club
Atlantic Coca-Cola Bottling Company
Tats and Tags
Principal Charity Classic
Sammons Financial

Program Supporters

Program supporters consist of individual donors who made a financial gift to the Dream Team within the last year. Listed below are donors who made a gift of $100 or greater.

July 2023 – July 2024


Bruce Hughs
Carylann Mucha
Christopher and Jennifer Higdon
Craig and Susan Porter
Des Moines Cycling Club
SKA Krumwiede Charitable Fund
Steve and Sara Bayard
Steve Krumwiede

$1,000 - $2,499

Adam Royal
April Shultz
Cathy and Rick Medina
Clifford Mauton
Dan Carlson
Eric Hayes
Erin Gill
Jane Thompson
Joel Taylor
John Reese
Laurie Kuestner
McKay Insurance Agency
Rachel Kaul

$500 - $999

Daphne Emmack
Eric and Kristin Johnson
Greg & Ardis Grossbach
Jeffery Schachtner
Jennifer Mann
Jon C. Chartier
Julie J Iverson
Karen Lawson
Maura DeMouy
Metroeast Cycling
Norton & Kathy Hatlie
Phil and Alisa Horn
Ryan Hanson

$250 - $499

Colin Scott
Dave Edwards
Gordon Goldsmith
John and Trayla Carter
Michael Webster
Our Ladys Immaculate Heart Church
Ron & Joanne Pryor
Scott Olsen
Teresa Smiley
Thomas & Laura Hahn
Thomas Gill
Tim and Robyn Mulcahy
United Way of Central Iowa
William Senn

$100 - $249

Bennett and Leisa Ely
Bev Mentzer, L2RC
Brett Vining
Carol Mahlendorf
Cory Mutch
Dan Levin
David Jameson
David Weidler
Deborah Wedderburn
Diane McGuire
Donna Ball,Okoboji Bicycle Club
Gary Mishler
Gerry Neugent
James A Albert
Jane Bruhl Follett
Jeff White
Jennifer Cury
Jess Haines
John & Michelle Moran
Joseph and Barbara Gschwendtner
Joyce Jones
Justin Villere
Keith and Mary Wherry
Lavella Fitzgerald
Lizzie Shipman
Lynn Sage
Mary Ann and Doug Snyder
Mary Vrancic
New Hope United Methodist Church Women of Faith
Patricia Connelly
Patricia Gilles
Paul Larson
Quentin Smith
Ron and Mary Smyth
Scott Matter
Scott Roose
Sherri A Finney
Stephanie Hookham
Steve Marlow
Suzanne Kelly
Thomas Coffman
Tim and Rebecca Buck
Tom Miller

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