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Dream Team to Ride RAGBRAI in 2020

Dream Team riders, families, supporters and friends, after thoughtful consideration over the past few months on which of the two July rides is best for the youth we serve, we have decided we will be participating in RAGBRAI this year.

It was extremely important to our leadership board that we make this decision based on what we believe is best for our youth and the sustainability of our team. Many factors played a role in our decision, however one in particular is that many of our supporters as well as donors will be riding RAGBRAI. Since our organization is rooted in the relationships we have cultivated with our sponsors and donors, and relies on the support of so many in the biking community, it is a priority for us to be able to ride alongside our supporters during the week long ride that completes our season.

Members of our leadership board have met with RAGBRAI director Dieter Drake and RAGBRAI Marketing Director Anne Lawrie. They are fully on board for supporting the Dream Team like we have been supported in the past from RAGBRAI. Both TJ Juskiewicz and Scott Garner with Iowa’s Ride (who are also Dream Team board members) have a long history of supporting the Dream Team and they are still excited to support the team in any way they can, and are also in support of our decision. We value our friendship with them and admire their character and the way they have offered us support through this decision making process.

We kindly ask that regardless of your stance on the July rides that you are respectful in the comments of this post. We have friends on both sides of this table and wish both rides tremendous success for their 2020 ride.

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