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The program starts in March with four weeks of indoor meetings, 2 nights a week. In April, the team moves outdoors with two meeting nights a week plus a meeting on Saturday. These meetings consist of team building activities, motivational and educational guest speakers, bicycling and participation in community service projects.


Once each month in May, June and July, the team participates in overnight campouts to work on team building activities and prepare for tent camping on RAGBRAI.


The Dream Team is not possible without the caring support of volunteers, donors and sponsors. All of the equipment needed to participate in Dream Team is provided at no cost to the youth participants. In addition, all meals and fees for RAGBRAI are covered by donations to the program. At the end of RAGBRAI, those who have successfully completed the ride take home all of the cycling equipment used during training. These young people now have the ability and the equipment to maintain a healthy lifestyle, as well as the ability to set and obtain their goals and dreams.

2024 Program Calendar

Program Schedule
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